Laboratory Testing Services

Lab Testing Activities

  • Tests on Building Materials as per relevant IS code of practice.
  • Concrete Mix Design for strength, durability and workability of concrete as per the requirements.
  • Design mix of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC).
  • Design mixes for Hollow & Solid concrete Blocks.
  • Tests on Bricks, Hollow & Solid concrete blocks, Paver blocks and Concrete beams.
  • Constituent materials of Normal weight and High Performance concrete including analysis of water, and Superplasticisers.
  • Tests on Plywood / Door Shutter / Boards.
  • Determination of density of soil (insitu) by Sand Replacement Method.
  • Tests on Soil including CBR analysis.
  • Split Tensile Strength of concrete (standard cylinder specimen).
  • Tests on Concrete Cubes, Cylinders including extraction and testing of Core Samples.
  • Standard Tests on Steel reinforcements including Structural, Welded and Spliced Joints.
  • Evaluation of Galvanization, Anodic coating thickness and protective coating thickness.
  • Standard tests on Prestressing High Tensile Steel Wires & Strands.
  • Accelerated curing chamber facility for obtaining equivalent to 28 days compressive strength within one day for current track constructions.
  • Determination of pH value, Chlorides & Sulphites in concrete samples.


  • The highly equipped computerized & digital laboratory has got all the facilities to conduct Physical & Chemical tests on all types of building materials, as per relevant Indian Standard Code of practice.
  • Physical tests on Reinforcing steel: Tensile strength, Bend & Rebend.
  • Tensile strength & Bend tests on Structural steel sections.
  • Tensile Tests on Coupler, Spliced & Welded Joints.
  • Chemical analysis on all above steel specimens like Carbon, Sulphur, & Phosphorous.

Concrete Mix Design

Concrete Mix Design for various grades, to ensure strength and durability as per the client’s requirements.

Design Mix on all grades of concrete (M10 to M70) are undertaken for both Normal and Accelerated Curing Tests (ACT) Method.

Accelerated Curing Tests (ACT) - for Concrete Mix Design are undertaken to estimate equivalent 28 days strength. ACT-Mix Design Reports will be submitted within 4 days.

Tests on Compressive Strength

  • Concrete Cubes, Bricks, All Types of Solid & Hollow blocks, Pavers, Concrete Cores, Cover Blocks, & Mortar cubes.
  • Accelerated curing test (ACT) are also undertaken on concrete cubes supplied by the client and test reports for 28 days equivalent cube strength will be furnished on the same day.

Tests on Cement

  • Physical properties of Fly Ash.
  • Physical & Chemical Properties of all types of cement.
  • Estimation of Cement: Sand ratio in Cement mortar assays.

Tests on Coarse & Fine Aggregates

  • Physical & Chemical Properties on all sizes of Aggregates.

Test Facilities Includes

  • Lab tests on Soil assay
  • Test on Flexural strength on concrete beams
  • Water for construction & Drinking purpose
  • Admixture-Physical properties
  • Wood- Moisture Content
  • Aluminum-Coating Thickness,Section weight & Dimension tests
  • All types of Tiles, Marbles & Granites

Laboratory Testing Services

  • Mechanical Testing
  • Concrete Testing
  • Brick Test
  • Blocks Test
  • Tiles Test
  • Water Test
  • Steel Test
  • Cement Test
  • Flyash Test